Paper Hacks


The next time you reach for your laptop to read lesson notes, consider these benefits of learning with a pen and paper.


With the advances of technology the internet, personal handwritten notes are a rarity these days. No matter how advanced electronic messages become, nothing captures a memory and emotion more poetically than scratching into the surface of a piece of paper.

The joy and delight people experience when receiving a crisp envelope with handwritten notes scribbled across the surface has been lost over time. While technology has brought convenience and accelerated messaging and conversations to instant moments, however, there is a sincerity and an emotion that cannot be transcribed except through the use of handwritten notes.

Paper also serves as a catalyst for genuine conversation. It makes one present in the moment and therefore brings out the true human element within. Reading a book to your child, discussing issues in a newspaper over coffee or even wrapping presents with a friend provides a genuine human bonding experience that technology can’t do for us. Society seems to be lacking “realness” these days and while the digital world is evidently gaining a greater following as the days go by... incorporating paper into your social life could possibly bring about a change like no other or even bring greater ways to live life to the fullest.