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About Us

The APRIL Group

APRIL's core business is in the production, marketing and sale of pulp and premium wood free paper. APRIL's production facilities are world-class assets featuring state-of-the-art pulp and paper-making technology.

APRIL's fully-integrated operations range from plantations and forestry R&D, to pulp and paper mills, including the provision of private access roads and jetty facilities. Its operations are strategically located, close to the major port of Singapore for swift distribution of its products to the world markets. APRIL's plantations are located on the equator in Sumatra. Ideal growing conditions here enable APRIL to grow trees maturing within 7 years. The high growth rates associated with the equatorial climate means that APRIL requires significantly less land to produce wood, compared to traditional producers in Scandinavia and North America. This strategic advantage coupled with modern technology and economies of scale place APRIL at the bottom of the international cost curve for pulp production.