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  • Give you more vibrant colors, denser blacks, crisp lines, no smudging or color wicking and low abrasion hence prolong printer life.
  • PaperOne is produced from fast growing plantation trees through a Clean & Green production process.
  • Supporting Homes & Businesses globally in more than 75 countries.
  • All PurposeAll Purpose

    Perfected for modern home and office equipment, PaperOne™ All Purpose is a premium quality home & office paper for all printing and copying machines. Read More...

  • CopierCopier

    Specially adapted for printing in machines using the xerographic principle. PaperOne™ copier is developed for high speed and problem free usage in high-volume copiers. Read More...

  • DIGITALDigital

    PaperOne™ Digital is a premium quality paper that ensures superb printability on industry-leading digital printers and copiers with its extra high smoothness and unparalleled whiteness. Read More...