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Excellent Copy

Excellent printability

Excellent Copy is a high-quality copy paper for all types of copier machines, designed to produce sharp images and text from today's sophisticated technology in copying. The reflex-free matte uncoated surface, is an excellent choice for less strenuous reading.

Features & Benefits

Discover the unique features and the benefits of using Excellent Copy.


Excellent Copy is designed to deliver the greatest possible reproduction and function in electrostatic dry toner printing (xerography) in both simplex and duplex printing.


Excellent Copy is well suited for stitch and thread binding. When perfectly bound, the pages should be trimmed 0.5 - 1.0 mm in order for the adhesive to stick to the paper.

Usage Area

Excellent Copy is designed specially for printing in copiers using the xerographic principle, and developed for high speed and easy use in high-volume machines.


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A4 Reams & Boxes for Retail (Standard Packaging)


210 X 297 ( L X W )


Sheets of paper per ream


Reams per box

A3 Reams & Boxes for Retail (Standard Packaging)


297 X 420 ( L X W )


Sheets of paper per ream


Reams per box

Basic Weight (G/M2)

80, 75 & 70