Paper Industry Updates Q3 2018

Jul to Sept 2018

Paper Price Increase

  • Sappi Europe announces 6-8% CWF, UWF hikes due to cost inflation from October 1 for all European and Overseas markets. (Source: RISI, 20 Aug 2018)
  • Evergreen Packaging sets price increase for UFS grades by $40-80/ton as of September 5 (Source: RISI, 6 Aug 2018) Suzano sets paper price increase by 9% in UWF and 14% in CWF in the domestic market (Source: RISI, 15 Aug 2018)
  • Upward price push on graphic papers: $40-80/ton increases; $20-100/ton freight US West upcharges (Source: RISI, 3 Aug 2018) 
  • Resolute sets UFS price increase by $50/ton as of September 1 (Source: RISI, 1 Aug 2018) 
  • The Navigator Company to increase paper prices by 5%, effective Sept 1 (Source: RISI, 1 Aug 2018) •Boise sets $50/ton increase on office, printing, and converting papers effective Aug. 31. (Source: RISI, 31 July 2018)

Capacity Changes

  • Nordland Papier mill in Germany. UWF production continues till Q3 2019 (Source: RISI, 7 June 2018)
  • International Paper APPM cutting Rajahmundry mill production in India from 30 Jul till 10 Aug for annual maintenance, with an estimated reduction of 6,000 tonnes (Source: Business Standard, 30 July 2018