Paper Industry Updates Q1 2019

Jan to Mar 2019

Paper Price Increase

  • Chenming, Yueyang, Shandong Sun Paper and Asia Symbol have announced a price hike of RMB 200/t for February orders. (RISI 1 March 2019) 
  • APP Indonesia has announced a price hike of $30/t on all uncoated woodfree products. The revised price will be applied to all order taking effective for March 2019. (RISI 1 March 2019) 
  • APRIL announces an immediate hike of $20/tonne for UFP from Indonesia $20/t on all uncoated woodfree products. (RISI 19 February 2019)
  • Suzano announced price hike of 5–8% for UWF for North America effective March. (RISI 4 February 2019)
  • Navigator Company announced a ↑$66/t hike in all cut size office and rolls, UWF hikes from March for North America. (RISI 1 February 2019) 
  • Domtar, IP and Boise (US top 3 producers) announced price hike of 60/t in UFS, effective March. (RISI 1 February 2019)

Capacity Changes

  • APP will convert 3 fine paper machines (with total capacity of 850,000 tons) in its Indonesian mills to packaging (RISI 27 March 2019) 
  • Ittihad paper mill (opening) expected to delay from Q4-18 to Q1-19 (+325kt) (Internal) •Georgia-Pacific: Announced Mar-19 closure of its UFS mill in Port Hudson, LA (-630kt) (RISI 11 Jan 2019)