Oct 2021

Pulp Capacity & Price Changes

  • APP slashes OKI BHK pulp output in Indonesia by 160k tonnes. It will take downtime of an estimated 20 days (RISI, Oct 2021)
  • Bracell to focus on production stability in the first two years of Star project. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • Resolute Forest Products announces North American price increase on NBSK, SBSK, NBHK and SBHK pulp, effective Oct. 1. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • Solenis lifts prices for all its pulp and paper and water treatment chemicals by 30% across Asia Pacific region from Oct 1 (RISI, Oct 2021)
  • Arauco postpones start-up of Mapa BEK pulp project to March 2022. The project, with capacity to supply 1.56 million tonnes per year of pulp, was initially planned for the second quarter of 2021 and later delayed to the end of 2021. (RISI, Oct 2021)
  • Bracell kicks off second pulp line in Brazil; ramp-up with no major issues reported. Brazilian pulp producer Bracell started up a second pulp line at its Star project in Brazil on Sunday October 3. The project includes two swing pulp lines with a combined capacity of up to 3 million tonnes per year of bleached kraft pulp, or 1.5 million tpy of dissolving pulp (DP). (RISI, Oct 2021)

Paper Capacity & Price Changes

  • Stora Enso set to raise paper prices in the face of rising raw material and energy costs. According to some market contacts, the company began informing customers of a Euro 50/tonne ($59/tonne) price increase on newsprint deliveries from October 1. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • Stora Enso permanently idles Veitsiluoto mill in Finland and Kvarnsveden mill in Sweden. The Veitsiluoto mill has a capacity of 790,000 tonnes/yr of paper, 380,000 tonnes/yr of pulp and 200,000 m3/yr of sawn timber. The Kvarnsveden mill has a production capacity of 600,000 tonnes/yr and used to produce improved newsprint, uncoated magazine paper and packaging papers on two paper machines. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • WestRock sets $60, $70 increase for Nov. 1 for its unbleached, bleached kraft paper; 4th one in a year. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • APRIL announces global $50/tonne hike for uncoated fine paper range from October. (RISI, Sep 2021)
  • Kraft paper: Unbleached bag prices increase $20 more this month; market gears for full increase in Nov. The $20 increase followed a $10 increase in September, and a $60 increase in August. (RISI, Oct 2021)
  • Printing paper: European mills put surcharge (8%) on exports because of energy (RISI, Oct 2021)
  • South Korea’s Hansol Paper announced an immediately-effective hike of up to 15% on the entirety of its paper range for export business. Hansol’s move follows Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Asia Pacific Resources International both unveiling October hikes: in APP’s case, of 5-10% on its whole fine paper range; and in APRIL’s case, of $50/tonne on its uncoated fine paper range. (RISI, Oct 2021)