Mar 2021

Pulp Capacity & Price Changes

  • Hardwood producers Suzano, Eldorado and CMPC have announced new list price of $780/t for April intake in China. This is $50-60/t increase from their announced prices for March. April Softwood intake prices in China currently range between $980-1010/t: Celgar $980, Domtar & Northwood $1010/t. This is at least $30/t higher than the March intake prices. (RISI & Internal, Mar. 2021)
  • Chilean producer Arauco announced that it has no Hardwood and Softwood allocation for China in April, as a result of production issue following downtime. (Internal, Mar. 2021)
  • Further price increases in Europe and North America in April: BEK producers Suzano, Klabin and Eldorado have announced new list price of $1010/t (+100) in Europe and $1240/t (+100) in North America for April deliveries. North American Softwood producers Canfor Pulp and West Fraser have announced $1565/t (+145) for US NBSK in April. (RISI, Mar. 2021)
  • Woodpulp inventories at European ports record the sixth consecutive month of decline (Feb’21: 1.25 million tonnes vs. Jan’21: 1.27 million tonnes, -1% MoM). BHKP inventories at major Chinese ports in Mar. declined against Feb. (Mar’21: 1.29 million tonnes vs. Feb’21: 1.34 million tonnes). (Europulp & Internal, Mar. 2021)

Paper Capacity & Price Changes

  • APP announced $100/t price hike on it fine paper grade (CWF&UWF), effective from 1st. March. (RISI, Mar. 2021)
  • Suzano announced 14.2% price hike for boxboard, 19.2% price hike for cupstock, effective 1st May; 15.7% price hike for UWF(CS 7% hike), effective from April 22. (RISI, Mar. 2021)
  • Chenming push up 138USD - 198 USD/t on across all their CS paper, effective from 1st April. (Internal, Apr. 2021)
  • APP China push another 122-198usd/t on it CS paper(including export), effective from 1st April. (Internal, Apr. 2021)
  • Cutsize market index for Europe climbs to 50.5 in February from 43.5 in January, marking first turn to positive since July 2018, attributed to jump in short-term business prospects, stronger delivery times and demand, flat prices, while stocks rise. (EMGM, Apr. 2021).
  • Indian paper manufacturers have increased the prices of coated and uncoated papers by $20/t (₹1,456), effective Mar. 1. The user industry has been told that prices would be raised further by $20 each at least four more times this month. (RISI, Mar. 2021).