Paper Industry Updates Jan 2020

Jan 2020

Pulp capacity & price changes

    • APP announced curtail production in OKI mill (until end Feb) due to water supply shortage. [RISI, Jan 2020]
  • Major LATAM pulp producer such as Suzano and CMPC, announced maintenance downtime in Q1 2020. [RISI, Jan 2020]
  • Finland’s pulp and paper industry see planned 2 week sector-wide strike, which started on 26 January. The strike will be affecting 14 pulp mills and 23 board mills. This has forced some local producers (e.g. Metsä) to declare “force majeure” to its customers as they are unable to fulfil their contract due to unforeseeable circumstances. [RISI, Jan 2020]
  • Majority of hardwood suppliers announced the price hike (+$20/tonne) in 20 February for China market. Some of the suppliers include APRIL, Arauco, APP and Klabin. [RISI, Jan 2020]

Paper capacity & price changes

  • Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL) and Asia Symbol announced price rises of $20/tonne for uncoated fine paper (UFP), effective for February orders. [RISI, Jan 2020]
    LATAM printing and writing prices hold up in January 2020 and local producers prepare to implement price hike in February 2020. [RISI, Jan 2020]