1 July 2022


Ms. Chalida Khun March
C.A.S. Paper Company

Welcome to the PaperOne™ customer feature, where we interview our customers to find out more about them, their company, their thoughts about the industry, and their partnership with APRIL Group.

This month, we feature Ms. March, Deputy Managing Director at C.A.S. Paper Company.

PaperOne™: Good morning Ms. March, thank you for joining us today! Let’s start by hearing about yourself and your role at C.A.S. Paper Company.

Ms. March: Hi, I’m March and I’m the Deputy Managing Director of C.A.S. Paper Company. I’ve been working here for almost 10 years, running both the office and warehouse. As a paper merchant, my role mainly involves sales and purchasing. In C.A.S. Paper, we believe in the importance of forging a strong bond between customers and suppliers, and this has contributed to the company’s success over the last 50 years in the paper industry.

PaperOne™: Being able to build strong relationships between customers and suppliers is truly very important in a business! Could you also share with us more about the history of your company?

Ms. March: Sure, C.A.S. Paper was established in 1971 with the name Chareon Aksorn. We started our business selling Thai, Chinese, and English font production and printing equipment, and distributed them to printers across the country. Focused on quality, our management is trusted and well-known by many printing businesses in the market. We aim to become a leading distributor across Thailand and the Indochina region.

PaperOne™: Wow, looks like you’ve already built quite a presence - look how far C.A.S. has come! What do you think sets C.A.S. Paper apart from its competitors?

Ms. March: We offer a comprehensive range of products, services, and expertise that cater to different needs and demands in the market including high-quality products and one-stop service solutions. On top of that, we also strongly believe in and even pride ourselves on business values like being honest and ethical in all that we do.

PaperOne™: That’s impressive! Does your company engage in any Corporate Social Responsibility efforts?

Ms. March: We’ve participated in many charity projects with the Thai Red Cross Association, hospitals, Mechai Viravaidya Foundation, and plenty more. Our company’s policy is to work with stakeholders that care for the environment as well as those that are constantly on the lookout for sustainable solutions.

PaperOne™: We’re happy to hear that! Are there any interesting facts about C.A.S. Paper that you would like to share with us?

Ms. March: Our philosophy is to stay rooted in our heritage and culture while creating an ethical, one-stop solution service through our sustainable products. We care for humanity, our organisation – as well as other organisations, the environment, and society. For example, one way we show our care for the environment is by using PEFC and FSC products because they’re sustainably sourced.

PaperOne™: That’s great to hear! We’re happy to hear that C.A.S. Paper believes in the importance of sustainability. Could you share more about your experience working with APRIL Group?

Ms. March: We’ve been partners with APRIL Group for 18 years and counting, distributing APRIL Premium Print Offset paper grade and PaperOne Copier Paper. We know we can count on APRIL products due to their high quality, the organisation’s remarkable reputation, and great service. Our customers also prefer APRIL products for their general consistency in quality, especially in terms of whiteness and printability.

PaperOne™: Thank you! We’re so happy to hear these kind words. With a shift towards e-magazines, e-books, and e-statements, how do you think it has impacted the pulp and paper industry?

Ms. March: Even with the shift toward e-magazines, e-books, and e-statements, printing on paper remains classy in Thai culture. That’s why we focus more on the value of printing and collecting books. Also, due to the growth of the e-commerce industry, it’s important for us to focus more on paper packaging products too. Even as the world evolves technologically, I believe that paper businesses can still thrive. Although demands may dip, paper’s wide usage range keeps it competitive in the market. At the end of the day, we’ll still need paper for tissues, food boxes, and pharmaceutical packaging to name a few. I believe that paper is versatile and will continue to remain necessary across many different fields.

PaperOne™: Thank you for sharing this insight with us and thank you once again for taking the time to be here, Ms. March. We enjoyed our interview with you. Have a good day ahead!

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