APRIL International takes SBR National Business Awards for Manufacturing - Paper

It was lauded for its paper recycling initiative.

APRIL International won in the Manufacturing category of Singapore Business Review National Business Awards. The awards programme aims to honour exceptional local businesses in Singapore and give recognition to their outstanding initiatives.

In March 2020, PaperOne, the flagship paper brand of APRIL Group, launched the first iteration of their "Paper Once More!" Circular Economy campaign, a waste paper recycling initiative that supported the collection of paper waste, to be turned into paper products.

Following the success of the campaign, PaperOne launched the Circular Economy programme in Singapore in August 2020, with a 1:1 commitment to recycling, meaning that PaperOne recycles a sheet of paper for every sheet sold on its official online stores.

To achieve its annual set target of 15,000 tons of waste paper collected and recycled -- an equivalent to a total of six million reams of A4 paper! PaperOne has partnered with a local recycling company to produce a series of dedicated PaperOne branded collection points, including one truck, five truck bins, and 30 recycling bins at a range of locations across Singapore.

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APRIL's Circular Economy programmes have since been introduced to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. Approximately 20,000 tons of paper waste were recycled in the first full year of APRIL's programme being fully operational. It is also eyeing a potential expansion in the future.

To date, over 156.4 million sheets of paper have been collected and recycled as part of APRIL's "Paper Once More!" recycling programmes.

The "Paper Once More!" programmes arose from the mission of PaperOneᵀᴹ and APRIL Group to deliver a positive impact on climate, nature, and people whilst driving sustainable business growth.

As a leading provider of professional print quality paper in over 70 countries across the globe, APRIL recognises the need for circularity in order to achieve the company's goals.

The recycling programmes are aligned with the APRIL2030 sustainability commitments launched by APRIL in November 2020. These also include targets for increased material efficiency, circularity, and recycling of textiles.

The programmes likewise help support the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia, where APRIL operates.